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Arrow Canada Trip

Originally Posted by AugWest
Pete, I appreciate the info on the insurance and gas. If it's ok can I ask you for some more info? Such as how many hours from Detroit or Toronto to Quebec and are there places to stop etc. I drove to Toronto once. I was stunned at how dark it was at night and also what appeared to be not too many gas stations. Is the stretch between Toronto and Quebec also somewhat desolate? I realize my outlook of what is desolate may be skewed since I live in Chicago.
On a lighter note, I saw you noted GT options on your RS. I've been working on the same. I wanted a GT but couldn't find one at reasonable cost/miles, etc. Couldn't pass up the 03RS with 1700 miles last September from my local dealer.
I found the GT comfort seat online, much better than the terrible stock rs seat. I also found the GT hand cluster online so I used that to wire in the heated seat and look original.
I've been thinking of adding the handguards but not sure. Have you added these or the leg guards?
Thanks for your help again
Hey Markus:

From the Detroit crossing, you can make Toronto in as little as 3 to 4 hrs. I have made it from my house (which I am 1 1/2) West of the crossing to the Candian side of Niagra in 5 hrs total. I do agree the traffic around Toronta can be terrible, however it's not as bad as what you are probably used to in Chicago.

The two canadian guys on the board are correct, in that you have several options in which to cross over into Canada, however from Chicago, your quickest route will be to get onto I-94 E/B and cross into Canada through D-Town.

However, with that said, another great option is to run up to Milwaukee, take the Lake Express ferry across to Muskegon and follow I-96 to I-69 and cross over into CA at Port Huron/Sarnia. The ferry is a great trip (I did it last summer going to the BMWMOA in West Bend WI). You need to bring with you 4 adjustable tie downs to secure your bike. There are just a wide range of options for you to consider. Again I highly recomend the ferry, it is a fun relaxing trip across lake Michigan!

As far as my bike goes, I have the white/blue zebra version of the K12RS. I know my avatar has a black K12RS. That is my old K12...

Anyway, I have the heated comforst seat with the K12GT windscreen, and 30mm bar backs. This is a perfect set up for me. I jst don't think the black plastic GT wind deflectors would like right on my bike.

Best of luck on your trip.

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