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canada ride

Hi Pete, my K12rs is black. I will probably repaint it in a few years once it looks bad, as all black paint jobs tend to. I am not Mr. wax and polish every weekend. I painted my old K11rs the blue and white zebra colors because I really like that pattern. The bike is a whole new ride after adding the 30 mm barbacks, best money spent sofar. I've been thinking about the GT screen or the aeroflow, either is not cheap. I don't mind spending the money if it's worth it but for a piece of clear plastic ... it bugs me.
The ferry crossing is gaining a lot of ground around here. I appreciate the idea it will probably end up being a good route start.
I'm not sure what color you could paint the handguards on the zebra so they don't stand out too much. The blue might be good though.
Thanks, Markus
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