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Interesting item to mention for a visit.

What does Canada consider as a criminal record? Arrests, only convictions, etc.

Originally Posted by MNCruiser
I lived in Ontario all my life, with the exception of the last 3 years here in MN, including 18 years in Toronto and 10 years in Ottawa. There are many other options for crossing, including Sarnia, Niagara Falls, Fort Erie,, Alexandria Bay and many more. Ontario and Quebec both have helmet laws, and unlike some states that also have helmet laws but tend to look the other way, they are enforced. If you're not wearing a helmet, you will be ticketed.

Passport is the best for crossing the border, although its not necessary. You may also want to time your crossing to avoid long lineups. If you cross at a peak time, you could be waiting in line with your bike idling for quite a while (as in hours). When you cross the border, even if you are frustrated from having been in line for a long time, politely answer all the customs agents questions, and don't volunteer information that they do not ask for. These guys have a way too much power, and some of them can be real jerks. They can ruin your day in a hurry if you give them any kind of attitude. Also, if you have any kind of a criminal record, you may not be permitted entry.

Avoid the 401 through Toronto if you want to avoid traffic. A better alternative, if you are determined to take a super-slab is the 407. Traffic in Toronto is some of the worst in N. America.

Ottawa is a worth while detour. Beautiful downtown and some nice riding along the rivers (The Rideau River and the Ottawa River). Montreal is also definitely worth checking out.

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