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bikeguy May 25th, 2009 1:22 am

Nice little ride this holiday
For this time of the year, going out to the desert, you obviously have to leave early, so I grabbed my buddy and his wife and we got up nice and early and did a run to Ocotillo Wells and then back up through Banner into Julian on the way back. It was a quick but beautiful ride. We were in the middle of Ocotillo and the temperature on the bike said 91 degrees at 10 AM. So I can only imagine what it was at 12 or 2 in the afternoon. Getting up and getting out early is very essential, especially in the summertime.

The advantages are:

no traffic
no hassles
no having to pass anybody
getting a first look at what is out there

My wife said we saw a golden eagle out in the middle of the desert not more than 25 feet away from us. I thought it might even have been a condor. It was huge, almost as big as the bike when it flew across the road in front of us.

The temperature change from Ocotillo to Julian was almost 20 degrees difference - low to mid 70s and high 90s in the desert.

edeslaur Jun 20th, 2009 8:25 am

Banner grade rocks. Watch for the LEO out there, he likes to park the cage on the side of the road, then step out with laser/radar gun in hand and motion you over.

I grew up in S. AZ, so put less weight on avoiding the heat after more than 30 years of not having a choice when riding. <grin>

Try S2 down to the I-8 as well, that's a great ride. You can get gas at I8 across the highway at the Texaco and come back on i8 (boring!) or turn around and do S2 again!

Here was my last Sunday ride (pics soon)

SWMBO and I need to get out again, it's been about a month since we've ridden together (K was getting paint warranty work, then last week's ride with buddies, now F-day).

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