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Samsonlp Mar 10th, 2019 3:23 pm

Back in a K-Bike 2015 K1300S MS
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Hi guys,

(TL;DR looking for accessory suggetsions, esp, phone mount (samsung), frame sliders for protecting fairing if i drop it, lighting, aftermarket seat that makes passenger more comfortable, anything else that comes to mind)

It's been awhile. I discovered this forum when I owned an 06 k1200r. I had a busted transmission (no second gear) and loved the hell out of the bike anyway. I went back to Honda for my 3rd bike, a 2014 VFR800. It was a fine bike, but after riding the K1200, it felt slow, less planted, and less finessed in almost everyway. I even had heated grips, but it just didn't come close to a BMW.

I got hit. I got insurance money. And I got this bike.

K1300S MS is gorgeous. The sound of the exhaust is beastly. When I give it a little warning blip for cars around me, it sounds like an angry tiger. The engine is terrifying, exhilerating, incredible. Smooth, incredibly linear, outrageous power from 3k to redline, with the bike going faster and faster. 0-60, youre kidding right? 80 to 120? who cares, 120 and above? no problem. 10/10, highly recommend.

So I'm curious about actual user experience with aftermarket accessories that greatly improve rider experience. Aftermarket seats. Is there any lighting kit to make me more noticeable that is tasteful and fits the finish of this bike. Phone mount experience, frame sliders (looking at the $579 wunderlichs).

Any help is appreciated.

Pics are from big basin, and the day I bought it. put 1200 miles on her in 10 days. :smile:smile:smile

SpaceViking Mar 15th, 2019 7:59 pm

You should be very happy with your 1300. They fixed just about everything that was going to get any attention by then. Your clutch and brakes should be fine which was the worst issues the bike had. They are also very fast; right up there with the best of them.
You'll likely find that you are going to have problems with the suspension if you have the optional package. Most people get rid of the complicated overpriced factory shocks after they fail and just put Ohlins or Wilbers on. I bought a bare bones "S"version in the first place and immediately put Ohlins on the front and rear so I've never had to put up with the ESA crap.

I see you have the Akripvoic exhaust system that Beemer had them make up for that bike. Just remember, they had to conform to all the EPA shit when they built that so it's got a Cat and what ever else goes with all that. They can't sell the bike with the same systems Akropovic sells to private customers. If you want that kind of performance, you will probably have to rework it; get the Cat out and clean up what ever else needs to be done.

You will also find that other accessories like Carbon Fiber stuff is starting to disappear. Ilmberger had a very nice line of carbon parts for the K-Bikes but they have started to discontinue most of that line. I'm guessing they are just selling off what ever they still had in stock. You'll want to check on that. Just from my personal experience, I have found that the stuff from Bestem has serious fitment problems. You might get away with bolting up a fender from them that only requires a few holes to line up but a Battery Cover that has to match up with parts on 3 sides will not. You file and sand but the stuff never fits right.

The last time I looked, you could still get Power Commander Vs for 1300s but I wouldn't procrastinate if you are considering any work that will require tuning modifications. That includes changing Air Cleaners or modifying the Intakes. Most performance freaks remove the restrictive mouth section of the Intake Horns and go to conical K&N reusable Filters.

I see you have the Forged Alum. factory rims. They are a quality made very light weight wheel and will buff up beautifully should you chose to have them polished. I did mine myself.

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