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The owner of the business I work at is also co-owner of our local motorsports shop (one of the biggest businesses in our small town). He's always been a motorcycle enthusiast, owning several at a time. He rides to work nearly every day in just about any weather, often on different bikes. I remember drooling over this particular bike years ago every time I saw it parked behind the business long before I started working here a few months ago. However, he hadn't ridden it in years. He had long since replaced it with newer bikes. He actually had sold to a friend, but the friend's wife said, "Over my dead body", so it just sat hardly ever getting used. They just needed to get rid of it, so he had it parked at the motorsports shop with a sign that said, "$1,500 (slash), $1,200 (slash), MUST SELL $900". It's got a little road rash on the right side from him going down on some ice once, but other than that, it runs perfect and is in very good shape with only 42k miles on it. When I asked him about the bike at work, he told me the story. Then he said, "Are you interested?" I told him I definitely was, but I'd need to get my other bike sold first to have the cash. He thought for a moment and said, "Well, how's $350 sound?" I was floored! I knew he was a generous man (seriously, this company is a dream to work for), but this was too much! Of course, I couldn't pass that up!
2000 BMW K1200RS (Silver/Blue)



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