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  1. 2008 K1200GT ABS Rear Brake Issue

    K12/1300GT (Next Gen)
    A few years ago, a small rock got stuck in my in rear caliper causing the rear wheel to eventually lock up. Unfortunately, there were no fault indicators warning me of the problem. I had to replace the pads and rotor. After installing the new parts, the ABS system kept engaging and not...
  2. K1200GT 2006, ABS repair or delete??

    K12/1300GT (Next Gen)
    I purchased a 2006 K1200GT a few months ago (30K miles), rode it back from FL to Richmond, VA. Within 50 miles of my departure I had rapid flashing 'Brake Failure' lights and the red triangle. After a stop at Jax BMW dealer (no codes were read) I continued north and made Richmond with the...
  3. 08 K1200S ABS wiring

    2008 K1200s 18k miles, no wrecks. Hi, new to the forum, but I'v been lurking for a long time. I've had intermittent issues with my ABS since I bought my bike 4 years ago, but recently I had a complete failure. Blinking on start-up, then solid "brake failure" light. I replaced my pump and the...
  4. K1200RS ABS Delete

    K1200RS/GT (Classic)
    I have purchased a 2003 K1200RS that the po has bypassed the ABS. All the excess lines have been removed and the u bends installed to reattach the front and rear brakes. I have no brake light, cruise control or speedometer. The bike still has the pump hooked up. I have removed the pump body...
  5. Switching off brake failure light on 2006 K1200S

    Hi guys, I just removed the ABS of my 2006 K1200S. ABS failed like many others in this forum. Decided not to give my money to BMW, and instead took out the ABS and now have a fully functional bike with brakes, but no ABS. Have already put 300 miles on it, and so far, so good. Except for the...