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  1. K12/1300S
    I just bought this 08 k1200s that hit a deer and went down o got the bike running with a jump pack because the battery was smoked when I first plugged the jumppack in I had all lights at some point during my jumping I lost headlights I still have tails breaks and blinkers and the blue highbeam...
  2. K12/1300S
    Don't try this at home! Due to poor night vision I managed to get airborne and land on the left and right side once each after hitting a square driveway curb head on. Rear driveway to the Carwash once, a Tanker Truck blocking a gas Station drive next. The sliders were scraped but the fairings...
  3. K12/1300S
    I bought an orange GS-911 that didn't come with any software or instructions. My bike runs great but after a fun night the display had a flashing ! and ABS failure . I bought it with the faulty fuel strip and after putting an led in the day time I no longer can see the time. I had hoped there...
1-4 of 4 Results