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  1. K12/1300GT (Next Gen)
    Hello all, I've found brake fluid change procedures for bikes with the older ABS [1] (for the 1200 LT and GT [2]). Could someone please point me to one for the newer I-ABS Generation 2 [3] ? Thanks! Kevin [1]...
  2. K1200RS/GT (Classic)
    Hello all, I discovered my 2003 K1200GT is venting fluid from one of the four drain tubes that exit down by the rear wheel/centerstand. I thought it was antifreeze at first but was surprised to find it is a tube originating from the rear brake reservoir (integral ABS). In the attached photos...
  3. K12/1300S
    Advise needed - After installing new brake pads yesterday, noticed a lot of friction between the new pads and the discs. It is really noticeable when trying to push the bike on a flat surface. Feels wrong. Any advise would be appreciated. Could somebody please post a photo of their front brake...
  4. K12/1300S
    Looking for specification for Front and Rear brake rotors (discs). In particular, looking for original rotor thickness. Trying to estimate remaining mileage. Many thanks in advance.
  5. K12/1300GT (Next Gen)
    I have just experienced a complete front brake failure. When I grabbed the front brake there was No resistance at all, and it did not brake at all. The rear brake worked though. NO warning lights as when the abs unit fails. And when the abs unit fails, you can still brake. This was NOT...
1-5 of 5 Results