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  1. K12/1300S
    Hi, I have to replace the clutch slave cylinder on a K1200S, problem is the only one available in my area is the one from K1300S. Parts catalog just says "D=34mm" on the K1300S one (21 52 7 719 262) and "D=32mm" on the K1200S one (32 72 7 695 220). I think it's referring to the diameter of a...
  2. K12/1300GT (Next Gen)
    Good morning, First, I like to thank you all for your posts about the problem with the clutch and how you can fix it. Yesterday I changed my clutch basket and the clutch blades. everything went good i think. It took me a while to get the basket in but that's ok. I cleaned the cover for the...
1-2 of 2 Results