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  1. K12/1300R/R-Sport
    Hey guys, recently noticed my clutch was starting to slip in higher gears when accelerating. I took off the clutch cover and the plates seem to be in okay shape. Has anyone ever experienced slipping due to a defective clutch spring? Only has 10k miles.
  2. K12/1300S
    I have replaced the clutch basket and clutch plates on my k1200s. Clutch lever pulls in nicely and all gears engage, but when it warms up clutch lever becomes more stiffer until it cannot be pulled in. What could be the cause?
  3. K12/1300S
    Hi, I have to replace the clutch slave cylinder on a K1200S, problem is the only one available in my area is the one from K1300S. Parts catalog just says "D=34mm" on the K1300S one (21 52 7 719 262) and "D=32mm" on the K1200S one (32 72 7 695 220). I think it's referring to the diameter of a...
  4. K12/1300S
    Moderator please delete. This question is no longer pertinent.
  5. K12/1300R/R-Sport
    Hello All, Attached is a photo of my '07 K1200R Sport. I purchased it last July with approx. 36K on the odo. I now have 41K (light mileage due to snowy winter in Colorado). This is the first wedge that I have owned. I have the following question: 1) When releasing the clutch, the...
1-5 of 5 Results