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  1. Starting a GS-911 Academy - What do you want to learn, and how much would you pay?

    Technical, Repair and Maintenance
    Good day, all! Pretty much as the subject line says. I do technical documentation and videography for Hexcode (the South African manufacturers of the GS-911 and ezCAN). We're in the early stages of starting up an online technical academy. The aim is to teach GS-911 owners, BMW enthusiasts and...
  2. Pulling diagnostic codes: Motoscan App doewsn't support our K41 bikes?

    K1200RS/GT (Classic)
    Has anyone used Motoscan App and the Scantool LX to pull diagnostics and or operate actuators?? What about resetting faults or doing calibration of fuel guage? how about real time ECU data like from the O2 sensor?? I'm working through an ABS fail and dead speedo on my 2003 K1200GT and was...