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  1. K1200RS/GT (Classic)
    Hi! I have an issue with blinking headlight, non-functional blinkers while trying to start. The fault s periodical. When trying to start, sometimes the light blinks and its a clicking sound in one of the relays and the starter does not kick in. Can it be one of the relays and in case which one...
  2. K12/1300S
    Greetings! I have a 2008 K1200S. It is retrofitted with a K1300S LED tail light assembly. I performed that job back in 2015-ish and it worked flawlessly. However, I recently performed the integrated ABS motor repair for the brushes, which works great. I have bled the brakes, but the back still...
  3. K1200RS/GT (Classic)
    Hello everyone. Firstly, i'm sorry to come crashing in on your forum as a total newbie asking for advice. I appreciate you guys probably get this a lot. So, today a friend of mine turned up at my workshop with a rather tatty looking, utterly neglected k1200rs. Its been sat outside for years...
1-3 of 3 Results