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  1. Resetting the Fuel consumption calculation on K1200GT

    K12/1300GT (Next Gen)
    Hi All, just thought I'd post it here so anyone searching for it might be assisted. My fuel consumption calculation on the BC was showing fairly high at 6.7 Ltr per 100Kms. It had crept up from 5.2Ltrs over a period of time. I was doing a lot of work on the bike and had it idling a fair bit...
  2. Engine blew up - k1300gt

    New Member Intro
    Hey guys - I'm new to this forum and I regret to say that I'm here because my 2009 K1300GT engine just blew up. It only had 35k miles on it and I'm scratching my head. No service lights were on. My local dealer is telling me that the cylinder 4 connecting rod blew through the engine somehow...
  3. K1200/1300GT Corbin seat FS

    K1200/1300GT Corbin seat for sale - used, no damage, not down, just went to a different setup. Picked up the GT with this seat on it but wont be using it. Fits K1200GT & K1300GT (not the old K1200RS/GT) Not the heated version. New - over $1k. Used - much less. See pics. How's $300+...
  4. 2003 K1200GT rear brake reservoir venting fluid

    K1200RS/GT (Classic)
    Hello all, I discovered my 2003 K1200GT is venting fluid from one of the four drain tubes that exit down by the rear wheel/centerstand. I thought it was antifreeze at first but was surprised to find it is a tube originating from the rear brake reservoir (integral ABS). In the attached photos...
  5. 2003 k1200GT swingarm removal

    Technical, Repair and Maintenance
    I have the shock disconnected and the swingarm bearings removed and the book says I should be able to pull the swingarm straight back unless I might need to remove the front drive shaft... well pulling the swingarm straight back with the inside fender unbolted to give room and view, the...
  6. Rear Suspension knock

    K1200RS/GT (Classic)
    I have a knock in the rear suspension of my K120OGT. Rear suspension compresses OK. But when it reaches the bottom of the stroke and begins to come up is knocks and seems to jump an inch before the rebound kicks in. The rebound comes up as normal thereafter. No problem with the front. Could it...
  7. Advice on changing 06 BMW K1200GT Final Drive

    K12/1300GT (Next Gen)
    Hello, My final drive failed a while ago, and I finally found a used final drive for a decent price. The new one is an 08 with facilities for changing the oil easier. I had the old "permanent oil" final drive. I was just looking for tips removing the pin that holds the final drive to the...
  8. Last U.S. production 2004 K1200GT (K41) Classic

    For sale is a last U.S. production 2004 K1200GT (K41) with 34,500 original miles, that I have owned since 2800 miles. The bike has never been dropped or damaged and is likely one of the nicest cosmetically, best maintained, strongest running K41’s series available anywhere. The bike has been...
  9. Side Light Replacement

    K12/1300GT (Next Gen)
    Both side lights on my 2007 K1200GT went out at the same time when I got stuck in a hail storm. Seems unusual but I purchased new bulbs and I would like pointers on replacing them. Thanks.
  10. Selling custom red 2007 K1200GT $5900

    Custom painted Porsche Guards Red. Bike has been trouble-free and serviced by MAX BMW yearly. Despite new battery last season I still keep it on a tender all year round, covered, and in a garage. New Corbin seat padded 1" for more leg room. Pilot 4 Tires have 2000 miles. New battery, all...
  11. FS in NorCal: '04 K1200GT Gray/green metallic

    Bikes $4350 2004 K1200GT in great condition. In excellent mechanical and physical condition with the exception of a few minor, scratches on left saddlebag and gas cap (see pics in CT post). Front and rear tires are in great condition with plenty of...
  12. K1200 GT Seats

    Selling Seat from my K1200GT. Bike was totalled and kept stock seat along with a custom Rick Mayer Saddle. Have Both front & Rear and both are heated fron & rear. Make me an offer. Also Have BMW Softbag 2, Alpine Stars Boots, Stock Exhaust, And K1200 Bike Cover (Never Used!!). Please make me...
  13. Centech AP-2 Install 2007 K1200GT

    K12/1300GT (Next Gen)
    All. I just got done installing the Centech AP-2 on my 2007 K1200GT and it could not have gone better. I ran across this company, Excel Cycle Werks in Illinois on the AdvRider forum and their premade kit, specifically for the K1200GT, made this install a breeze. Not only was the kit all set...
  14. Cruise control

    K1200RS/GT (Classic)
    Hi all My 2005 GT (classic RS type), has a problem with the cruise control...well, it don't work. I was going to buy a second had unit off ebay but thought I'd throw it out there. I've tried setting the gaps correctly, the cables look a bit worn (I've done 90k miles since new). Wondered if...