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  1. k1200rs oil control rings are WAY too big to go back into cylinder?

    K1200RS/GT (Classic)
    Hey guys, i have a 2001 k1200rs which i am in the process of rebuilding. The engine is disassembled and i am at the point of reinstalling the original pistons with the original rings into the original size bore. All 4 oil control rings are roughly 3mm too long and when installed in the bore will...
  2. Who's got a wiring diagram then????

    K1200RS/GT (Classic)
    Hello everyone. Firstly, i'm sorry to come crashing in on your forum as a total newbie asking for advice. I appreciate you guys probably get this a lot. So, today a friend of mine turned up at my workshop with a rather tatty looking, utterly neglected k1200rs. Its been sat outside for years...
  3. Wind Screen Bufetting and Screen Angle

    Bike Talk
    It appears that on many bikes a windscreen angle of 60 degrees is optimal for preventing wind buffeting at speed. Two motorcycles that have this or very close to this are the HD Softail Heritage Deluxe and the Indian Chief Vintage. Both have very quiet wind management. Note that both have...
  4. Last U.S. production 2004 K1200GT (K41) Classic

    For sale is a last U.S. production 2004 K1200GT (K41) with 34,500 original miles, that I have owned since 2800 miles. The bike has never been dropped or damaged and is likely one of the nicest cosmetically, best maintained, strongest running K41’s series available anywhere. The bike has been...
  5. 6000K LED Auxiliary Flood Lights Lamps Kit for BMW K1200RS

    K1200RS/GT (Classic)
    Hi, I recently bought 6000K LED Auxiliary Flood Lights Lamps Kit for BMW K1200RS. Today my mechanic said that it is a problem installing such led light since there is not enough room for them and it may harm the from fender while the suspensions fully work. please note that the picture of the...
  6. WANTED: Hard Cases For '99 K1200RS

    My right-side [inner] hard case was destroyed and I'm looking for a replacement - either just the inner or possibly a complete set of both bags Cheers
  7. K1200RS ABS Delete

    K1200RS/GT (Classic)
    I have purchased a 2003 K1200RS that the po has bypassed the ABS. All the excess lines have been removed and the u bends installed to reattach the front and rear brakes. I have no brake light, cruise control or speedometer. The bike still has the pump hooked up. I have removed the pump body...
  8. Cruise control

    K1200RS/GT (Classic)
    Hi all My 2005 GT (classic RS type), has a problem with the cruise control...well, it don't work. I was going to buy a second had unit off ebay but thought I'd throw it out there. I've tried setting the gaps correctly, the cables look a bit worn (I've done 90k miles since new). Wondered if...