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  1. 2007 K1200S / 4,000 miles / Zero Issues

    I've just recently purchased a 2007 BMW K1200S with 4,000 miles on the clock. It has basically zero cosmetic or known mechanical deficiencies. I'm currently stationed in Italy, so I have yet to have even had the chance to swing a leg over this beauty yet. Any recommendations, tips, or...
  2. K1200S intermittent starting problem

    I came back to biking in July after 25 Years and purchased a used K1200S and love the bike Problems started about 2 weeks after purchase (1st week I rode it quite a lot and then went on holiday) On return of my weeks holiday it would not start. All seemed to be OK with pre-checks, it cranks but...
  3. K1200S engine

    Bike Talk
    My 2005 K1200S engine con rod blown the engine. Does anyone know where to buy used engine for a K12S?
  4. 2006 K1200s turns over/won't start

    Bike sadly sat for the entire summer, tried to start it up, battery was dead. Bought new battery, bike turns over, but won't start. Like it's not getting spark or not getting fuel. Never had a starting issue before except a dead battery, but not a problem starting it after. Bike is well cared...
  5. High idel RPM, rough ride when riding slow

    Hi all, I have a 2008 K1200s, 38000km. Serviced every 10,000km, The last service at 30,000km I had the plugs changed and valve clearance checked etc. On my work commute I spend about 20 min on the road doing ~120kmph (75mph), after 20min and I slow down at an intersection and ride slowly...
  6. Hi K riders

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    Hi all, I have recently become proud owner of a K 1200 S. A few things about me, I am originally coming from Greece and the last 1.5 years, I have moved to Switzerland. I was driving for about 10 years a R 1150 GS, which grew me up as a rider! Now I own the K for the road, travelling and an...
  7. 2006 BMW K1200S Stock Muffler

    For sale is a used 2006 BMW K1200S Stock Muffler for $150.
  8. Switching off brake failure light on 2006 K1200S

    Hi guys, I just removed the ABS of my 2006 K1200S. ABS failed like many others in this forum. Decided not to give my money to BMW, and instead took out the ABS and now have a fully functional bike with brakes, but no ABS. Have already put 300 miles on it, and so far, so good. Except for the...