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  1. Bikes
    This is a mint condition 2013 K1300S 30th Anniversary Edition. I bought this bike in early 2020 with 7000 miles on it after it had been sitting for quite some time in a garage. I performed all the required services and replaced the tires. This service included oil & filter, final drive, drive...
    $12,000 USD
  2. K12/1300GT (Next Gen)
    Need your repair help/advice. Stopped riding my '09 K13GT (~53600 miles / 85K km) after noticing a lot of fuel leaking. It's always had the fuel vapor smell in the 1.5 years I've had it. With panels off and on side stand, the fuel is coming out behind the water pump after running just a short...
  3. Bikes
    VIN: WB105090X9ZV93599 History: Bought used from Southwest Superbikes on 11/9/2015 with 6,896 miles. Current mileage is 42,350. May increase slightly as I continue to ride. Been a bulletproof bike since purchase. Only normal maintenance has been required. Oil & filter changed every 3K - 4k...
    $5,625 USD
  4. New Member Intro
    Hello. Currently located in Tampa. Recently moved back to the USA after living abroad. Looking for a K1300 or K1600 to purchase this summer. Look forward to being on the road again so
  5. Accessories
    Selling a Sargent World Sport Modular Seat, regular height, one piece, without heat or pod. In excellent condition (second owner, but rarely used). $250 and buyer pays for shipping. Located in San Francisco, California, USA. Domestic sales only. Text Four One Five, Five Seven Seven, 3698.
  6. K12/1300S
    Hi, I have to replace the clutch slave cylinder on a K1200S, problem is the only one available in my area is the one from K1300S. Parts catalog just says "D=34mm" on the K1300S one (21 52 7 719 262) and "D=32mm" on the K1200S one (32 72 7 695 220). I think it's referring to the diameter of a...
  7. New Member Intro
    Hey guys - I'm new to this forum and I regret to say that I'm here because my 2009 K1300GT engine just blew up. It only had 35k miles on it and I'm scratching my head. No service lights were on. My local dealer is telling me that the cylinder 4 connecting rod blew through the engine somehow...
1-7 of 7 Results