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  1. Bikes
    36,000 mi. One owner. Dealer (Max BMW, North Hampton, NH) serviced from day 1. 36k service perfumed. Adult owned (bought when I was 51). No track days, no drag days. Just lots of sport tours. Bone stock, unmolested bike. All recalls performed. Runs like a top. Only one tiny scratch. New Michelin...
    $10,000 USD
  2. Accessories
    Looking for a neat appearance phone mount solution for your K1300S? I searched all over for one and when I realized that it didn't exist, I designed and created one. The mount integrates seamlessly with the Quad Lock AMPS 4-screw mount. I'm offering the mount with all necessary hardware for $24...
    $24 USD
  3. New Member Intro
    Big hello to you all 2013 K1300s 30th Anniversary being delivered in the morning Tuesday 17th so very much looking forward to getting and about.
  4. K12/1300S
    Greetings- I'm happy to be part of this forum. Thank you. I recently purchased a 2011 k1300s, fully loaded with all factory options (except alarm), and 257 original miles. The bike was owned by a local doctor who parked the bike in his waiting room from 2011-2020. He would ride it to the...
  5. Technical, Repair and Maintenance
    Hello, I got a K1300S. it came without BC. I mean when I click the info button it just goes to TRIP1, TRIP2 and ODO. It doesn't show the temperature. I got NEXAS Bluetooth ODB2 adapater and Motoscan unlimited. I enabled BC and now it shows Fuel consumption and average speed. I opened the...
  6. Bikes
    VIN: WB105090X9ZV93599 History: Bought used from Southwest Superbikes on 11/9/2015 with 6,896 miles. Current mileage is 42,350. May increase slightly as I continue to ride. Been a bulletproof bike since purchase. Only normal maintenance has been required. Oil & filter changed every 3K - 4k...
    $5,625 USD
  7. K12/1300S
    What's the best cc for K12300s? I'm open to electrical/mechanical ideally the simpler the better. Thx.
  8. K12/1300S
    My wife and I are downsizing and selling our 2016 BMW K1300S, which we affectionately call FREEDOM. I thought I'd be riding it more often but since having our kid, I haven't had the time to take her out. So, alas, she's been sitting in our garage collecting dust, which is such a shame since we...
  9. Classifieds
    I am in search of the World Sport Modular Seat System (MSS) Rear Storage Pod that Sargent makes for the two up seat on a 2011 K1300S. I would prefer to not spend the $475 on a brand new Pod. I don't have a preference on color, as I will probably try to wrap it myself. Here is a link to the...
  10. K12/1300S
    Hi Guys I'm new to this forum and just bought a k1300s.. I went for a ride this weekend and realised when I take bends hard or go over 160kph the bike vibrates alot... The bends are worse... As the bike hops.. Could this be suspension or anything else. Please let me know. Thank you
  11. K12/1300S
    Hi, I need some advice. My 2010 K1300S has 72000KM and I love the bike and had no issues. Then last month my quick shifter started to fail 80% of the time. Ok so I shifted manually. Then on same day, as I go up the gears the engine would cut out as I accelerated (note never stalls on idle)...
  12. New Member Intro
    Hey guys - I'm new to this forum and I regret to say that I'm here because my 2009 K1300GT engine just blew up. It only had 35k miles on it and I'm scratching my head. No service lights were on. My local dealer is telling me that the cylinder 4 connecting rod blew through the engine somehow...
  13. K12/1300S
    Looking for specification for Front and Rear brake rotors (discs). In particular, looking for original rotor thickness. Trying to estimate remaining mileage. Many thanks in advance.
  14. K12/1300S
    Remus Exhaust for sale. $300 plus shipping from 95337. [email protected] Scott----SOLD
  15. Accessories
    When I purchased my 2009 K1300S, the previous owner had the stock seat and a Sargent Seat (low model). I'd prefer the higher model as I'm 6'3" and need a bit more room. I am wondering if someone would like to trade my low model for the high model? I'm in Arlington, VA, and would be willing to...
  16. K12/1300S
    Recently purchased 2011 K1300s bike. Upon opening the battery cover have discovered an unprovided USB outlet which is connected to the bike’s wiring system. Anybody knows what was the original equipment connected to this black/white connector? There are 3 wires coming out from the white side...
1-17 of 17 Results