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  1. Accessories
    Great set of heavy duty SW-Motech racks for K1200 / K1300R. Rack plates can be setup for many different types of luggage. At present, they're setup for Givi luggage. The racks can quick detach from the mounts so you can remove both your luggage and the racks in a just a few minutes and have a...
    $200 USD
  2. K12/1300S
    My 06 K1200S was stolen, but they did not get the cases 6 pieces $180 / or best offer K1200S, R1100 R1150 L/h 4654-2317613 4654-2317614 Pannier Case Set narrow covers for both sides for lane splitting , and BMW soft liners have been sitting in a dirty garage next to an old 911 for 12 years
  3. Accessories
    Hi all, I've got the engine, throttle bodies, injectors, headers, dash, ECU, harness etc going into a car so the rest of the bike I'm parting out. Everything else is available. I'll update this when things get sold. 50,000 K's on the clock Paniers have a some love bites but nothing serious and...
1-3 of 3 Results