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  1. Sargent Seat for K1300S, Low Model, trade?

    When I purchased my 2009 K1300S, the previous owner had the stock seat and a Sargent Seat (low model). I'd prefer the higher model as I'm 6'3" and need a bit more room. I am wondering if someone would like to trade my low model for the high model? I'm in Arlington, VA, and would be willing to...
  2. Sargent Seat with POD

    Sargent Seat with locking Pod - Painted in BMW OEM Magnum Red. Near new condition and only used for a few local rides, super comfortable and has storage under the seat. Same height as regular factory seat. Fits all K1200S and K1300$. I sold my 2012 K1300S and clearing out some accessories...