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  1. K12/1300R/R-Sport
    So 2nd gear finally took a shit on the 1200R so time for either a 1300 trans or since i live in florida I as wondering if anyone could give me an idea of how fast the turn around on getting your trans rebuilt by them and a round about cost i tried calling today and got voicemail multiple times...
  2. Other K-Bikes Discussion
    I have an '88 K100LT that loves to kick itself out of second gear into neutral. I believe this is a relatively common problem, but the odometer only has 30k miles which seems early for it to be happening. As I understand it, these are the available options: Rebuild gearbox Acquire a...
  3. K12/1300R/R-Sport
    Hello All, Attached is a photo of my '07 K1200R Sport. I purchased it last July with approx. 36K on the odo. I now have 41K (light mileage due to snowy winter in Colorado). This is the first wedge that I have owned. I have the following question: 1) When releasing the clutch, the...
1-3 of 3 Results