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02 side panel removal

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What is the correct procedure in removing the side panels? I would like to change my fluids, spark plugs and do a visual on both sides. Any help would be appreciated.

02 K w/40,000
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Remove hand guards (if a GT), remove side cockpit covers, then the front cowl (watch the tabs that hold it just under the windscreen. Wrap a towel or some other protector over the front cowl mounting frame that extends next to the side panels. This keeps the side panel from getting scraped on it.

Remove bottom cowl

Remove side panel screws, making sure the panel is free except for the single retainer. Slip your hands behind the panel and pop the panel from the retainer point. Carefully remove the side panel.

I would suggest getting a service manual disk if you're going your own work. The detailed procedure for panel removal is found there.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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