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OK guys. Time to sell the GT. Too many bikes and other toys. Not enough time. The GSA gets my riding attention now and this thing is just taking up space in my shop. It really needs to be ridden and loved! So…

Any of you that have been around here long enough know the story of this machine. If not and you want to read a ranting novel go here:

(Please don’t resurrect that thread. Everyone has had quite enough of it. If you have specific questions please contact me. Happy to answer any.)

Long story short if you don’t know is that it was one of the first (second one I think) to have the timing chain / tensioner / cam / top end fiasco. The top end was rebuilt by Big Sky BMW and all is well.

Bike runs great. Uses zero oil. Everything works. Would go x-country tomorrow. 55276 miles. Always maintained either myself, Big Sky, or A&S while on the road. Synthetic engine oil and final drive oil done at 3.5 to 6 k intervals. Always wintered in a heated garage. Has all of the recalls done. Never crashed. A soft layover once in some 115 degree heat as the side stand sunk into some fresh asphalt. Replaced side bag and panel that had tar / scrapes on them. 2 minor blemishes as noted in pics below. A “spar varnish” drip and some minor critter claw marks on the seat leather. And a minor scrape from road debris on the front fender. Other than that just normal wear and tear. Tires still good for at least another 3 to 4k. Nice clean bike really.

’07 – GT 55276 miles $8900.00 (firm)

Loaded with all of the following:

• Large top case
• Rick Mayer Leather Saddle
• HID and LED light upgrades
• Piaa’s too
• BMR Products Accessory Shelf :
• Pre wired w/ a Brand New - Zumo 665 and XM puck
• Bar Risers
• Heated seats and grips, cruise, ESA, ABS, Tank Gripsters
• BMW OEM extra LED brake lights
• Cee Bailey side case liners / bags
• Laminar Lip on tall screen.
• Big Mak tank bag with map case
• Large side stand foot
• Grip Puppies / Throttle Rocker
• I’ll also include New set of Pilot Road 2’s

I’m / the bike is in North West Montana. Some of the finest riding country in the lower 48. Travel wise if anyone is thinking about this…and it would make it easier… I’ll also throw in a couple of nights lodging. We own a Guest Ranch / Outfitting business here and have some very nice accommodations. Bring the wife, bring a friend. Ride some beautiful land. This is what we do :

Contact me :

Robert “at “, PM me here, or 406-295-9444



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