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2008 K1200s 18k miles, no wrecks.

Hi, new to the forum, but I'v been lurking for a long time. I've had intermittent issues with my ABS since I bought my bike 4 years ago, but recently I had a complete failure. Blinking on start-up, then solid "brake failure" light. I replaced my pump and the problem went away....for 5 seconds. No lights, ABS tested good with a rear brake lock up. Then failure. (this is with the replacement pump) Checked my front ABS sensor clearance, and re tightened the front wheel. (I thought there might have been play throwing the sensor off, there's a story behind that*).

Any ways I took the bike out and no lights. Working as it should, I was happy, for about 5 min until i took a spirited jaunt around a turn, solid light again. This happened without any braking. So, i came to a stop, shut the bike down again, and the light was gone. Got moving down the road for a few and the light came back on. So this is now the common occurrence. The intermittent issues lead me to believe that the issue is wiring related. But, I don't have a schematic to start going point to point looking for shorts or opens in the harness.

Are there any common areas that wires break in these bikes? I know about the rotor brushing against the front sensor wire, and that's not an issue with my bike specifically. I also have accurate and consistent speedometer readings. My understanding is the speedo is fed off the rear wheel sensor.

Sorry to beat the dead horse here, but I can't seem to find a lot of into on the pump based iABS issues. Everything always goes back to the servo based ABS 1 and 2.

*story behind front wheel. I was having intermittent ABS problems before this happened so i excluded it as an issue. But I hit a pot hole a while back and it warped my from rim, replaced OEM and under insurance by the dealer. So, i don't attribute the ABS problem to it. No wreck from it, and actually rode the bike for a while before I noticed the ding.
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