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Oh, if only I had the money!

I admitt it, I became a BWM fan as a child. In 1964 when I was a proud owner of a Honda 305 Super Hawk a family friend let me ride his baby, a classic (Black of course) BMW "R". Then a few years later, 1969, I ended up being stationed in Germany for 18 months. As luck would have it, just a few miles south of Munich, the heart of Bavaria! You know what that area was full of!

A good German friend of mine, Hans Mueller, built racing Porsches and I use to hang out at his shop. One day I went over and he had a "late model" (This was in 1969) BMW R bike with a interesting engine in it. Seems someone had found a pre-war BMW factory racing engine, complete with original supercharger, and had Hans transplant it in their late model frame.

What a thing of beauty. They probably had little money in it back then and even though it was not one of the original factory racing frames, just to have such a machine to ride with that supercharged engine would be something really special.

Those German BMW riders were serious motorcycle folks. I loved watching them traveling with their Fraus, both in matching black leather suits on those lovely black bikes. When I came home to the states I later lusted for a mighty K bike too. Lust is OK.....

BMW has built so many wonderful machines. They are a piece of history.

$95,000 for a dream, a piece of a long proud history? A bargin! What's money anyway?
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