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This sound comes exactly like was said mainly first sometimes 2nd gear in very low rpms and stops immediately after 2500rpms. definitely coming from right side in the alternator area but hard to pin point. Ive had the bike a few months and have taken it apart and learned my way around very well and it runs great 35k miles. Anyway the guy at the dealer said it may just be slop in the transmission or slop somewhere. They said I shouldnt really worry about it and I havent. ive kinda gotten use to it and honestly im okay with it it hasnt gotten better or worse. wouldnt be a bmw without weird noises. I was just wondering if anyone knew anything more about this so I know if its something to really worry about.

Also at idle regardless of clutch in or out some times I hear a clicking kinda noise coming from the right side of the engine. different noise than described up top. give it power and it sounds like things quickly tighten up and i don't really ever hear it again. its been like that ever since i got it. spline and clutch have all been lubed. clutch is in great condition.

just looking for some answers.

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