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It does eventually, with ungodly amounts of starter fluid. I’ll start off with the background, I got this bike about a month ago with a little over 100k miles and after working out a battery issue, I successfully started the bike cold 2 times, then made the mistake of letting a friend ride, and got my new bike back with some new damage, the valve cover obviously took most of the weight and the bar ends have seen better days. After pulling the bike out of a ditch I inspected fluids and had to add a bit more oil, and it seemed to be only cosmetic damage, but now the bike won’t start cold without the help of starter fluid.
I can hear the fuel pump whirl when I turn ignition on, the fuel pump does NOT turn on while starting, but I read somewhere that that’s normal for 16v k bikes. I’ve cleaned the relay and also tried using the horn relay as the fuel pump relay, but the same problem still exists.
Also when I do use starter fluid, the engine knocks in a way that hurts my soul, and eventually after barely firing at all, once the engine is a bit warmer it fired right up, and I can hear a huge difference in how it runs (from barely firing and valves slapping, to a nice smooth idle) once the fuel pump kicks on. Leads me to believe the fuel pump should be whirling while starting, but my research says otherwise. If you happen to know anything that could help, I’d greatly appreciate some help. Regardless my main goal was to help anyone having a similar problem, as I have embarked on the journey of chasing this wiring, or fuel starving gremlin. I will update this with my trial and error process until I figure it out.
thank you for reading
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