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I bought this bike earlier this year from the second owner. He was a mechanic who owned it at least 6 years. He did all the maintenance on schedule and the result is a 14 year old bike that looks and drives like a much newer machine. I always have a few bikes in my garage and this was purchased for $5K to mentally replace a 2013 FJR 1300 that I needed to sell. I thought it would be a downgrade due to the diff in years and mileage but I must say the BMW is a better bike in almost every category. the gearbox especially astounded me, one of the smoothest ever. I have eaten up about 600 miles in the few months that I owned it but again I need to make sacrifices and two of my bikes have to go, this being one.

It now has a very low 7,500 miles. I should also note that while he said the bike was never dropped (and I must say I believe that based on the condition) he did spring for an AWESOME paint job to make it look like a later model bike. It is such a subtle but terrific job that it appears factory or better and the bike looks great as a result.

I paid only $5K, I don't have to ask more than that even though it really is amazing. I am joining the darker side and selling some of my toys to buy a new Corvette!

Text if interested or reply to this ad...

link to craigslist ad is below.


973 727 1497
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