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Hi all,
I've got the engine, throttle bodies, injectors, headers, dash, ECU, harness etc going into a car so the rest of the bike I'm parting out. Everything else is available. I'll update this when things get sold.

50,000 K's on the clock
Paniers have a some love bites but nothing serious and nothing you wouldn't expect from a 20 year old bike. I'll remove the locks for postage so when they arrive they'll be open and you can have the locks rekeyed to your bike. There's a small graze on the right fairing from a garage drop. The windscreen has crackling through it. The rear brake arm has a kink in it. The seat has cracks through it so you can have it for the price of postage or free to pickup. I'll pull the tyres off if you want the wheel/s posted.

Hit me up with whatever you're after and we can figure out a price + postage
Happy to send parts anywhere.

I could only post 10 pics here so I've made a gallery so you can see the rest.

I've included pics of the VIN and a PPSR search so if you're fixing a written off bike in Australia then you can show them when going for your VIV certificate.

Bundoora, 3083
Victoria, Australia


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