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It's that time. A bit too aggressive leg position for me anymore. That's what my knees are telling me.
~154,000 miles on the clock. Hasn't had more than a two-week rest in 7 years as it was my primary source of transportation so it hasn't been regularly exposed to long-term storage. 30 mile round trip commute or 4500 mile round trip vacation. Runs the same (great) either way.
It's been down twice, once in April of 2003 where I low-sided it on rainy highway 9 (month after I bought it), and last year when it landed on my ankle. No damage to the bike that second time. Can't say the same about my ankle.


HID 55w headlamp (low beam)
PIAA 1400 Fog Lamps

LED Brake! brake & tail light
RAM mount on clutch cover
Autocom two-passenger comm set
Power connector for Garmin 2610/276c (or similar) GPS
Power and audio for Escort Radar Detector*
Wilbers adjustable suspension front and rear
Seen with Ztecnik short shaded windscreen. Regular comfort screen included (along with an extra set of pins to lock screen to arms)
Rhinewest chip and cam gears for increased mid-range*. Original chip and gearset available.
Pilot Road Tires (new)
Last 6K service performed at 150k miles. Serviced per BMW recommendations at 6K and 12K miles along with annual and bi-annual brake service and bi-annual coolant service. ABS system flush done summer of 2010.
New battery (Odessy) 12/2010
Side cases with two lid sets: City & Stock.

Starter replaced. (1/2012)
New rear brake pads
Clutch inspected and noted to be in great shape
Transmission input shaft seal replaced. Output shaft seal replaced.
12k mile service done

Registration good through March, 2013.
PM me or email me at [email protected].

Escort audio needs isolation transformer that I don't have. Neither Escort RD that I own has a working earphone jack anymore.​
Rhinewest chip and gear set improved midrange, but at the expense of not being able to red-line the tach in 6th gear. Doesn't affect 5th, other than taking a tiny bit longer to hit the limiter.​


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Geez, and here I felt bad for having only 60,000 miles on my GT by now. :dunno:

Is the real reason old age, or have you been hanging around the other site to long and been convinced the ONLY worthy BMW is a GSA? :rotf:

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No, my knees like the position of the new GT much better.

As for the GS(A)'s, I have a 650 X-Challenge that'll run circles around them. For a short distance (110 miles.)


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Buck_K12RS said:
I'm guessing that the bike is long gone by now huh?
Nope, Still for sale.
Haven't ridden it in 4 months, as I don't want to keep putting mileage on it.

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