the bike was fell over while it was running and seized one journal on exhaust cam . i was running amsoils 20w50 full synt at the time. i pulled the motor and then i purchased a used motor with 57,000 miles on it for $700.00 . i bought some new radiaters or fans for it grips levers rear blinkers .the bike itself has 53,000 on it tires few thousand miles the windscreen is yellow i painted the plastic bed liner coat and it s semi fadedmin spots has a new this some seat cover. in november 2022 i had open heart surgery with my second aorta valve replacement and congestive heart failure i cannot put it back together i run otu of breath . it was my dads and now its mine clear title.every nut bolt and part is there .iwas thinking of nmake a european scrambler out of it but now unable to due to heatlh conditions . i have pictures and they wont upload at the moment, thanks keith