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I am the original owner of a 2005 R1150R Rockster, but am investigating adding an overnight tourer to my garage that my wife will stay on for over an hour. I am looking at the following two models that appear pristine in the ad pictures (I know pictures can hide a lot):

1. 2004 K1200GT 26k miles.
a. Problems with the “flying brick” that I found from reading the boards: sluggish low end (ECU fix) and potential rear end seal leak (rebuild by Tech in Charlottesville).

2. 2006 K1200GT 33K miles.
a. Problems with this model that I found on the boards: cam chain jump guards and oil pump tension adjustment.

3. 2005 R1150RT, 43k miles.
a. I am not as serious about this bike. I have an “R” bike, albiet without any wind protection. I think I am sold on a K1200GT after riding a 2003 K1200GT.

I would greatly appreciate any additional advice or lessons learned on these models.

Both candidates are several hours away from my location, in opposite directions. I am planning visit one next weekend and trying to prioritize.

Thank you very much for your time

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I am not sure I can help much, but I want you to know that your post was noticed.

I don't know much about the 2004 K1200GT. It is the last of a popular line of motorcycles with the "flying brick" engines. It has the longitudinally mounted inline four engine.

The 2006 K1200GT is completely different. It has the transverse mounted inline four engine. The 2006 K1200GT is the first of its model line, and has a variety of known issues. It has the early seat pattern (which is less desirable for riders and their passengers). It has the servo ABS brakes. Other parts are not available - BMW replacement shocks are not available, but there are alternatives. It is a fun bike to ride.

I have a late 2007 model K1200GT, a similar bike that has several improvements over the 2006 model, but lots of issues, too.
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