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The following is my attempt at DYI for varying updates/maintenance.

The removal of the battery in the GT is very straight forward. The battery is located at the top front of the fuel tank. The plastic cover is secured by (2) T25 Torx screws. Remove screws and pull cover towards rear, there are tabs at the very front of the cover which secure under a slot in the fuel tank plastics.

Detach positive and negative cables (depending on your battery type this could entail bolts/screws/nuts). To discharge electrical energy within the bike’s electronics it is advised to ‘ground’ the positive cable. To do this, ‘touch’ the positive cable to the negative terminal. This can be accomplished using an extra wire or long screw-driver.
When re-installing battery a TPS reset needs to be performed, this is noted in a separate HOW post.
Battery hold down is sercured by (2) Phillips screws. Remove screws.
Remove battery straight up.
Re-install is reverse

It is advised that upon re-installation that a TPS reset be performed.
TPS Reset
After battery re-installation and cable connection turn the ignition on (not starter motor) then do a full rotation of the throttle on/off three times. Turn the ignition off. Start the bike and ride as usual.
I hope all this was helpful.
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