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2006 BMW K1200 GT Charcoal Canister by-pass

The following is my attempt at DYI for varying updates/maintenance.
Some Ken Meese advice:
Charcoal filter cartridge can become full of fuel and can block the fuel tank from breathing, resulting in a rough the idle was rough or stalls between shifts. The most likely cause of this is over-filling the tank one or more times.
Several earlier Beemers have had this problem too. One solution is simply removing the canister from the loop, plugging the vacuum hose, and routing the remaining drain hose down towards the ground.

To accomplish this:
Remove the Battery (see separate DYI in HOW).
Remove side fairings (plastics) (see separate DYI in HOW).
Remove the Fuel Tank (see separate DYI in HOW).

Now on to the Charcoal Canister by-pass.

The charcoal canister is located in the lower left portion of the center of the bike, right under the fuel tank. Of course the easiest way to perform this by-pass is to remove the fuel tank. The manifold area noted is center lower rear portion of the air box right in front of the fuel tank. The following diagram notes how the varying hoses connect to the charcoal canister.

Remove the hose marked 7 on the above diagram (upper left piece) that goes up to a 5-port vacuum manifold under the front of fuel tank/ rear of air box and push the hose behind the manifold. The manifold nipple vacated needs to be capped using a simple rubber cap (available at any auto parts store). It is the center of the five hoses shown.

Center manifold nipple capped.

The other hoses are marked 1 to 4 and go to the individual throttle bodies and are left alone.

Part 3 on the diagram is the Fuel Tank Breather Valve, which is to the lower left of the five vacuum hoses in the above pic. It can be left in place, as the bike may throw a fault code if it is removed or the wire is unplugged.

Hose 8 on the diagram comes from the fuel tank vent, and should be connected directly to the lower Hose 7 (lower right in the diagram) using a simple plastic hose connector (available at any auto parts store) and run towards the bottom of the bike as a drain.

Charcoal canister by-pass is complete.
Re-install fuel tank, battery, fairings plastics.

I hope all this was helpful.
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