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2006 BMW K1200 GT Fuel Tank removal

The following is my attempt at DYI for varying updates/maintenance.
Highly suggest that you empty the fuel as much as possible by running the engine or siphon/pump.
I used the siphon/pump method with a cheap pump I bought at Harbor Freight ($5).

The wood stick was used to attach the tube to reach the depths of the tank.
Also remove the Battery (see separate DYI in HOW).
Remove side fairings (plastics) (see separate DYI in HOW).

Plastics removal entails the use of a Torx T-25 driver.

Remove filler cap bolts (6, T-25) and pull the cap assembly up and off.

Remove the following bolts (tank plastics)
Battery area (2)

Sides of tank (3 each side) – see pics above concerning fairing (plastics) removal, both sides.

Seat area (4)

Remove plastics from around the fuel tank.
Remove the fuel tank anchor bolts (1, 5mm Allen) each side mid point of the tank.

Remove support bracket (with rubber foot, 1, 13mm nut) each side closer to the seating area. This facilitates the movement to the rear of the tank so as to disconnect the fuel line and power cords on the front of the fuel tank. Side bolts shown.

Remove (pull off) overflow/vent tube. The other end of this tube is #8 on the charcoal canister exploded parts diagram.

Slightly lift tank and pull towards the rear. This will expose the front area of the fuel tank.

Pull off sensor tube (black rubber).
The two electrical fittings have locking tabs on the sides. Use a small device (screw driver) to unlock tabs and then pull each electrical connection off.
The fuel line quick disconnect (QD) has a metal push tab on the side. Push it in and the QD will release. Both the male and female side of the QD have flow shut-off valves so fuel will not flow out.
Be very careful of the QD since the OEM version is plastic and can be brittle. Now all connections have been severed you can pull the tank up and out.
Re-install in reverse.
Of course it is your decision but there are a few “while I’m at it”s that can be taken care of while the tank is out.

These can be but are not limited to the following:
Replacement of the OEM plastic QD with a metal one. See fuel QD replacement (see separate DYI in HOW).
Charcoal Canister by-pass (see separate DYI in HOW).
Throttle stop motor(stepper motor) repositioning (see separate DYI in HOW).
Booster Plug (engine/fuel management black box) (see separate DYI in HOW).

I hope all this was helpful.

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Nice write up and pictures.
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