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The steering damper on my '06 K1200R, 44,000 miles, puked out all of its oil. Though I'm not even sure that I really need a steering damper, I would like to replace it. The price for a new one is $522 + shipping + tax. I've looked on-line for used ones, and there are many available for $50 to $125, but they either don't state the mileage on them, or they have more miles on them than were on mine when it failed.

On e-bay, amazon, etc., I see many ads for "after market" replacement steering dampers in prices ranging from $45 to over $600. I'm sure the expensive ones are of good quality from reputable manufacturers, but if I could spend that much, I'd get the BMW OEM part.

Does anyone have any experience with these inexpensive steering dampers? Are any of them any good, or are they all cheap crap?

I don't want to get burned.
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