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2008 BMW K1200 GT - The Ultimate Riding Machine
Color: 2-tone Dark Graphite Metallic

Motorcycle of the Year - Motorcyclist Magazine
Sport Touring Bike of the Year - Cycle World

This is the bike that all other Sport Touring bikes are measured against.

This is my 2nd BMW K1200 GT I've owned and my 3rd overall BMW motorcycle.

I'm a 60 year old professional that loves his motorcycles. I take care of my bikes. This bike has never fallen, has been very well maintained, and always garaged. I change the fluids every 3,000 miles with high grade synthetic oil, including replacing fluids in the final drive. This is by far, the best bike I have ever owned, and funnest too. Why am I selling? I'm upgrading.

Original MSRP: $19,115
Current NADA Retail Pricing: $12,605
Current Kelly Bluebook: $12,070
My Price: $10,750

• Inline four-cylinder 4-stroke, water cooled rocket
• Rated at 152 HP with stock pipe. 160 with Remus Sport Exhaust
• Torque: 96 Ft-Lbs
• Top Speed: 165 MPH
• Redline: 10,500 RPM
• Well maintained. Synthetic Oil change every 3,000 miles

Electronically Controlled Suspension
• Adjustments: Soft / Normal / Sport
• Adjust Rear Pre-load: Normal / Passenger / Passenger & Luggage Loaded
6 Speed Gearbox
Onboard Computer: Monitor Entire Systems
• Miles per Gallon
• Miles to Empty
• Outside Temp
• Brake Pad Wear Indicator
• Trip 1 / Trip 2
• Average Speed
• Low Fuel Indicator / Light / BLINKING
• Service Due in X months
Onboard Security / Anti-theft.
• High Tech, Milled Key with Onboard Security Chip. No key - no engine / no electronics - PERIOD
Hydraulic clutch - Very smooth and easy to pull
Electrically Adjustable Wind Screen - Adjust the wind over your helmet at various speeds.
• Semi Linked.
• Rear brake pedal for rear brakes.
• Front brake lever for front and rear brakes.
• 3 massive brake rotors
Electronic Cruise Control - Set it and maintain a constant speed.
Xenon Front Lighting Option
Detachable Hard Bags with Built in Luggage handles
Carry your bags into the hotel :)

I've also added a boatload of goodies that you'll almost never find on these bikes -- like:
• Cee Bailey Dark Tinted Wind Screen -- Best after market windscreen on the market.
Flip on end raises wind. Very stylish: $ 190.00
• Driver Foot Peg Lowering Kit by Verholen: $269.00
• HeliBar Handlebar Risers -- plus 2 additional Ram Mounts Balls -- (Value: $240.00 Installed)
• Custom Raised, Backlit BMW Badges (2) - Blue backlit badges. Marine toggle switches.
(A $300 Value)
• LED lighting for Motor Bay with marine toggle switches ($155 Value)
• Michelin Pilot Road 3 Dual-Compound Tires
4 months old. (Value $439 Mounted)
• Tires balanced with Dyna Beads -- Ceramic glass beads dynamically balance tires. No messy weights
(Value: $49)
• Wesco AGM Battery -- 275 cold cranking amps. 4 months new.
• MARSEE 6-liter hard tank bag with detachable clear map pocket. Quick Release Corona Mount
protects paint. (A $130 value)
• BMW Side Case Scuff Protectors -- A Must for tip-overs (A $125 Value)
• Black reflective 3M film for additional visibility without altering the looks ($50 Value)
• Stebel Nautilus Dual-Tone Air Horn, 139 dB. Custom mounted and Paired with Loud BMW horn
(A $100 Value + $125 wiring)
• Euro-style BMW badges for hard bags in place of ugly reflectors. (A $50 value)
• 4 Power Plug Ports:
(3) BMW style electrical ports with flaps. For heated clothing, GPS and/or accessories.
• Weather-proof USB Power Port for Smart phone, MP3 player, GoPro camera accessory
($45 Value - plus $60 wiring labor)
• Centeck AP1 Fuse block - A MUST for BMWs ($60 Value -- plus $200 wiring labor)
• A weatherproof USB power port on the handlebar helps keep the iPhone, iPod or GoPro fully charged
(A $45 Value -- plus $60 wiring labor)
• Dash mounted Radar Mount -- Quick magnetic quick release. ($75 Value)
• TechSpec Tank Grips Pads -- A MUST for all Sport Touring riders. (A $75 Value)
• Magnetic Oil plugs -- main oil and rear final drive ($55 Value)
• Rubber boot for shifter -- keeps shoes scuff free ($25 Value)
•• Shifter Bearings -- in place of plastic sleeve from BMW ($75 Value)
• Kick Stand Pad / Risers (A MUST) ($75 Value)
• Brake Pad Sensors Disabled -- will save you money ($150 Value)
• Additional Wide Angle Mirrors
• Front Fender Splash Guard ($45 Value)
• Radiator Bug Screen ($75 Value)
• Red Light Magnets -- Helps to Change Streetlight to Green ($45 Value)

What's NOT Included, but available at half price

• Heated Corbin Leather Seat Set -- MSRP $998.00
• Corbin Passenger Backrest: MSRP: $140.00
• 49 Liter BMW Top Case - Silver -- Quick release. Matched key. Carry handle. Passenger Pad:
MSRP: $923.00
• Wunderlich Top Case Luggage Rack. Black Powder Coat. Made in Germany. Never installed.
MSRP $190.00
• Remus HexaCone Titanium Slip On Muffler (Austria)-- Weighs only 1.5 kg. Adds horsepower and torque.
MSRP: $839
• Wunderlich Wind Deflectors (Germany)- MSRP $154.00


Great Overview of my bike model

Me riding the Tail of the Dragan last year

Review in the New York Times
New York Times Review

CASH or CERTIFIED BANK CHECK (must clear before transfer).
Can arrange shipping if needed.

Email me below, or call Phil @ 561 Seven Oh Four 9 One 8 Zero

View images here:


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Bike Sold

Sorry guys,

The bike sold pretty quickly, and in fact, I traded it in for a 2010 Kawasaki Concours. As much as I loved the bike, honestly, I was getting tired of false brake pad warning lights, failed fuel sender, and for the second time, I started seeing signs that the clutch was going to need replacing at just 25,000 miles. But most of all, I didn't trust my dealer, which was BMW Motorcycles of Ft. Lauderdale (441 Cycles). As much as I loved this bike, they're not a reliable as I would have expected, and my last 3 bikes have been BMW.

I still have the Remus Exhaust, Top Case, Wunderlich Luggage Rack (new) and Wind Deflectors. I am not selling these at 50% off given that they were intended to go with the bike.

Top Case ($595)

Luggage Rack for Top of Top Case (NEW). $139

Remus HexaCone Titanium Slip On Muffler (Austria)-- Weighs only 1.5 kg. Adds horsepower and torque. MSRP: $838 with shipping
I'm looking for $495 plus shipping

Call me or text me at 561 704 9180 or email me directly at [email protected]
Please note that you saw this on the K-bike forum.

Thank you

Phil Parker

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Luggage Rack and Top Case SOLD
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