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2008 Brake Failure light, Motoscan codes 5DF0 5DF1 Pump motor: Voltage Supply

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My 2008 K1200GT turned on the Brake Failure light, constant on during my first ride of the season. I have seen lots of posts with the codes from a GS911, that confirm this is the pump motor brushes.

I am using an OBDLink MX with Motoscan and get codes 5DF0 and 5DF1, both say "Pump motor: Voltage Supply". I have been able to actuate the pump motor a few times, but it is very intermittent.

Can anybody confirm if the 5DF0 and 5DF1 codes are also brush failure?
Module Master lists the codes like this>
Code 24048 (5DF0)
Code 24049 (5DF1)
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One thing that is strange though, is every time I turn the bike on, the panel shows "Brake Failure" until I drive off. Then warning goes out. I have read codes and none are stored. What does this mean? is there something else that needs to be reset?
Rest easy. That's precisely what's suppose to happen. :smile
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