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2009 BMW K1300GT
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Good day all!!

So, I am new to the board... I recently purchased a 2009 13gt that had #4 rod failure... I have a spare motor that I will be installing after I get the transmission part I need...

A little about me... I have been working on or around cars since I was nine... 21 years active duty ARMY (retired) and the past seven in large factory maintenance... Currently for our favorite motorcycle "company" in Spartanburg...

About the bike I just purchased... I have already pulled the original motor that only has a few good parts left... The cylinder head (?), cylinders 1-3 bits, and most of the transmission; bent input shaft... Starter gear has a chip in one tooth... Alt is good...

The 49L trunk is not original to the bike, but I re-keyed the lock to match the ignition... Most of the recalls have been done, AFAIK... I tried checking today, but didn't get a call back yet...

So, I did a few videos of my progress so far... Not actually while I was doing the work, but interesting stuff during... I am working on getting a GoPro to video as I do the actual work... I'll take pics of whatever someone needs to see or I'll try to do a video of something someone wants to see done...

Well, that's all I can think of for now...

Cheers for now!!

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