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These replacement shields perform better than the originals, and that's just the beginning. First we lowered the center point and tapered the sides for a more stylish look. Then we filled in the flat spots and straightened out the curved shape for better optics. The 26” version was specifically designed for the pillion in mind and works well for most riders over six feet tall. Passengers have reported a significant reduction of turbulence with the 26” version.

For better air management we offer a high quality five-point Visor Vent. These vents allow riders to fine tune air flow for maximum comfort. When adjusted to a high setting it pushes air up the inside of the shield resulting in better head stability. When switched to an open position you’ll get a blast of air that makes it an ideal choice for hot or humid conditions. Visor vents increase or reduce air flow in an instant, which only makes a good shield that much better.

By popular demand we now offer the Wide Body, with three heights to choose from for a shield that suit your riding needs. It measures two inches wider than our original design at the widest point. It features an extended surface area at the top and just below the mirrors. The result is the largest surface area possible while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Just add the optional visor vent and you’ll have the ultimate in air management.
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