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Do you feel dealership Salespersons know the product they are selling and are helpful?

  • Yes

    Votes: 1 16.7%
  • Mostly yes

    Votes: 2 33.3%
  • No! They only know motorcycles have two wheels and an engine.

    Votes: 1 16.7%
  • I only ask the salesperson for a quote because I have all the information before I look/buy

    Votes: 2 33.3%
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OK, so I realize that the shortage of bikes and the demand is a bit of an anomaly in 2022, but most motorcycle salesmen suck. Perhaps it is just me...maybe I an "too old thinking" and believe salesmen (or salesperson for those PC babies) should know about the product they are selling. Allow me to explain.

I went to look at a Triumph Tiger and was approached by a salesman who gave me his business card. It stated "Product Expert" boldly at the top. Inquiring about the model, he told me it had a 2-year warranty. I corrected him and said the Triumph website says 3-year. He said he didn't hear about that and would check. I ask if the 2022 Tiger 1200 GT Pro had Bluetooth connection for navigation. Now, I knew it did but wanted to see the dashboard display and menu. He wasn't sure if it did connect to smartphones and navigate, nor was he familiar with the menu or controls. I went for a test ride, after the fifth attempt to start the bike. It would crank but it would not start....pretty bad for a new demo bike. When I returned, I informed him the bike was leaking brake fluid and he might want to clean it off the paint before it damaged it. He never asked if I like it or how was the ride....only if I wanted to put a down payment on it. Honestly, I didn't want the bike after riding it. I got back on my BMW and went home.

Yesterday, I visited a few more dealerships looking for a GT Sport tourer with my wife. I went to a dealership in Purcellville, VA and was met by a salesman that looked like he was barely old enough to ride. Talk about a clueless salesman. I could tell right away when I asked him how many cylinders it had. He said he believed four. Hmmm, all you need to do is count the pipes coming out of the engine. Then I asked him if that model had semi-active suspension....he didn't know. Now, I was in the mood to buy a bike that day. If he was more informed and could answer my questions, I am pretty sure he could have sold me a motorcycle that day. But he wasn't and lost the sale.

Now, these are just two example of many I have. When I go to a dealership, I usually have done my homework before I get there, but sometimes, something new takes you by surprise and derails your intended purchase. I am one that believes sale reps should know there product and be able to "sell" the product to the potential customer. Now I know some people will say, "so what, you will never see the salesman again after you buy it". That is not the proper mindset that people should have when trying to find a motorcycle that is right for them or get more information.

If I was a dealership manager, I wouldn’t hire someone without knowledge of the products, or at least I would train them. What say you???
The guys deal with locally are pretty damn good with the knowledge of the products they are selling however when I purchase a bike, car, truck, audio equipment, anything, I do my homework and go to the dealer to just haggle on the price and give me the keys. I have thought of doing bike sales a time or two and can tear down just about anything and put back together anything BMW has to sell however there just isnt enough money in it for a seasoned guy as myself and the dealerships know it therefore they hire the young guys with hope that they will stick with it and learn. The first year is pretty tough on them if they come in with no experience as you experienced. I stopped at a multi-brand dealer about a month ago that had a K bike for sale that I rode out on a Saturday to check out. A sweet young gal who has been selling bikes for them for 4 years greeted me, we had some small talk and the only thing she could tell me about the bike was the color which I could obviously see. It is sad the sales team does not take it upon themselves to be more knowledgeable of the products they sell (this goes for everything). They should go get a cadd job or data entry position where they do not need to communicate with the public or be knowledgeable on anything. The one you mentioned with the "Expert" on his card really takes the cake.
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