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I went to the Love ride this past weekend and had an excellent time. About 50000 riders, mostly harleys. I did see some beemer (an KS, RT's, GS's, LT's and a couple GT's), Goldwings, jap bikes, ducs, a nice F4 Augusta (pirates is better). Most people I talked with were pretty down to earth people and I never caught grief for owning a beemer. Everyone was having a great time. The beginning was somewhat of a cluster (what do you expect with 50,000 bikes) and an accident on the highway (auto wreak, no bikes) made the caravan from the start to the fairground somewhat of an adventure.

The rally grounds had really great weather (exceptionally clear day for LA) - standard 70 and sunny! :sun: A couple bands were performing some great music on the stage and then BB King played. I have always thought he was a great blues player, but live he was FN awesome, hilarious to boot. I saw lots of custom jobbers - really great paint jobs and accessories, which makes a little envious to own a cruiser. But then I realize that my bike rides better. My favorite was a smoky flame chopper that was top notch.

Stopped in Santa Monica for dinner and people watching. I did get hit up for some money by what I think was really nifty begging skill. This gal came up to me with an English accent and gave me some sob story about how she's from England and lost her ATM and needs money to eat. I brushed her off and mentioned she should try the British Consolute.

When I got home, I looked back and realized that I will probably do the ride again. Had an excellent time! :D
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