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OK, someone asked for it and here they are. ;)

I have the RAM mount consisting of:
- 1 1/4" U-bolt to clamp to the left clip on.
- 3" arm with 1" balls.
- 1" ball and plate for back of GPS holder.
- GPS holder

I have a BigMak tank bag that's electrified with a standard cigarette lighter outlet (for my cell phone.) I just plug the GPS into that. Eventually I may get the Motorcycle cable so I can plug my ear phones into the GPS.

My primary concern was mounting the GPS where it would be visible and not block my instruments and idiot lights. The RAM mount puts it just in front of my tank bag and just below the idiot lights. It's far enough from my eyes to be easily visible. (Maps on the tank bag are too close for my 50+ year old eyes.)

I was also concerned about the GPS interfering with the tank bag when I swing it up to release the velcro or to fuel up. I have to loosen the GPS mount and swing it out of the way, but it's not really too bad.

If I were buying the mount again, I might by parts instead of the kit. There is a 3" arm that rotates 360 deg that would allow more flexibility in mounting position. And when I ordered the 1 1/4" yoke, it comes as a 1" yoke (complete with ball etc.) and the 1 1/4" U-bolt thrown in. So I have an extra 1" yoke. Maybe I'll put that on wife's bike. ;)

So far I haven't taken any long trips using this, but around town it's been great!

Pix below:

My sight picture from riding position:

Here's what it looks like from the side:
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