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Will ride for picts
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Some great looking K-bikes at BMW Club of Northern California's 49er Rally...

My GT resting at camp:

A kit "car" made from a donor K1100LT. The owner had modified the front suspension so that it was active. The trike would lean into the corners.

A gorgeous Zebra, no not the 2004 K-RS, but a GS:

Speedway Races at Fast Fridays. This was a hoot to watch:

K12R (Ed Starrs) on his K1200-R on the way to Downieville:

Fletchtech and Cheryl on his newly painted K-1200GT:

Downieville attracted the bikes, including this Paul Smart Edition Duc:

The wildlife was abundant. In addition to Ducs, we saw a Bear:

Beamers are said to be "pipe and slippers" motorcycles, but I prefer "Wine and Cigar" myself:

The owner of the winery saw the bikes, and couldn't resist rolling out his vintage Cushman Scooter...

Complete with Mikuni carb and Nitrous Oxide system!

Returning to the Rally, we saw more K-bikes, including this K-1200S providing free advertising:

Another with an air or electric shifter. I could use one of these for passing, I always seem to hit the rev limiter.

The best K-RS paint job I have ever seen. Forget flames, wet is cool!

More pics at:
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