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Has been great bike past 2 1/2 years. I’ve taken several 2000-3500 mile trips on it. Bought with 16k on it, it’s about to hit 29k. I am doing oil and filter, trans, and final drive gear oil this week before selling as I am freshening up for one last trip if I still have the bike at the end of May. Am meeting two of my sons in Blue Ridge, GA to show them around up there, they’re riding down from Ohio. If I sell before then I’ll ride my Strom. I rarely ride the K12 since buying the Strom last year as it is more comfortable for my wife, but this trip is a rare solo ride for me and I’m taking advantage of the opportunity. I love this bike.

Two things to note: 1. Right saddle bag came damaged when I bought it, have ridden all over the country, no problems. 2. Right turn signal pod came loose 1000 miles from home 2 years ago. I taped it at that time and it hasn’t budged since, 2 years and 9000+ miles so it remains as I fixed it on the road. Both these items are fully operational, just mentioning in the interest of full disclosure.

Sargent seat, comes with perfect stock seat also. Comes with 3 new oil filters and o-rings, bmw cover(I’ve never used it), and led headlight kit I haven’t installed. The headlight kit is plug and play, ordered from Pirate’s Lair, check them out.


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