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This post will be fully operational when I have transferred all files referred to !! Locus

A Summary-post of all "STICKY" Post
To fasilitate more 'room' at S-section's first page.. I have made this summary of all "STICKY" postings that have seen 'light' in this section of
"New STICKY" post, will stay as top-posts until ample time...then moved into this summary.

STICKY; Service & accessory parts
Sticky; Partnumberlist : K1200S / Parts Fiche
STICKY : Software Updates for The K1200S !!!
STICKY: Tire approval for The K1200S
STICKY: Service Interval and Manual
STICKY; BMW Oil Bulletin...New
STICKY; Think About Filling In Your Profile
STICKY: BMW Integral ABS - Troubleshooting, K1200S !
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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