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RRG said:
I do not know the part numbers, but BMW offers replacement saddlebag lids, both wider and thinner.
The wider (or jumbo) lids will allow you to put one helmet in the right side case. More than one helmet? Consider getting a top case for the rear. If it's just small items you want to carry and secure, then the city lids probably are the best idea.

I have a Arai Quantum F helmet, and it goes in the right side case just one way with the jumbo lit. Without the helmet, though, it'll carry a 12 bottle-case of Sierra Nevada. If you put the beer in a plastic bag as well, you can open the case and dump in some ice, too. I suppose if a soggy box isn't an issue, you could forego the plastic bag. Left side is also good for on 6 pack, but you need more ice on that side to keep the beer from getting warm.


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