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All BMW Track Day @ Buttonwillow

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Been twice--had a blast both times. Going again November 14. Y'all invited. Great chance to go your fastest in a controlled environment--no LEOs, no traffic commin' the other way. Way cheaper than any performance award I've earned!

Here's the info:
Monday, November 14th, 2005 @ Buttonwillow Raceway (near Bakersfield).

Cost: $135 payable at your BMW dealer.

Info from the organizer:

This day is for all type of riders, as long as they are riding any BMW motorcycle.
Something new, we will now have four (4) run groups, A) advanced B) Intermediate C) Novice I) Intro to track
We will have non-stop track time, all the fun & instruction you can have on track and includes a really good lunch!

Contact One Of The Following Participating BMW Dealers:

BMW Motorcycles of North County

BMW Motorcycles of Ventura County

Brattin Motors

Brown Motor Works

Irv Seaver Motorcycles

Long Beach BMW Motorcycles

Malcolm Smith Motorsports

West Valley Cycle Sales



All inclusive, The Track Club offers:

* Free on- and off-track coaching from the best coaches in the business
* A BBQ lunch is included for all paid riders, $5.oo for any riders friends & family, kids eat for free!
* Recorded motorcycle races to enjoy between sessions in the "air-conditioned Club House"
* A relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere (kids and controlled dogs welcome in the pits!)
* That legendary hospitality The Track Club is known for.

We are really excited about this track day and want to invite you back so grab some friends & join us for another fun and rare BMW only track day at Buttonwillow Raceway once you sign up through the dealer, we will send you confirmation via email, any one can join this track day as long as it's on a BMW

For "TRACK DAY" Requirements Click below

The goal is to provide a safe environment for improving your skills and having fun. If you make sure your bike (and your attitude) meet the criteria we just mentioned, you will fly through tech inspection and have a great day!
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