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in a turn yesterday on the way home from work (06 K12S).

What I had previously thought was clutch squeal is defined here somewhere as a belt on the oil pump rubbing something, whatever.

Mid turn, giant squeal which caught me off-guard, reaction was to dump the throttle...cheez. Smelled burning rubber too (no, it wasn't my rear tire, arharh)..

Its been going on for a few thou miles so I should be used to it but daym, its going in for repair soon after that. Besides, I'm afraid I'm going to get stranded with all the burning rubber I'm smellin.

I can't seem to keep this bike on the road for more than a few k at a time without some kind of friggin repair lately. since my dealer did the clutch/basket/2 tranny replacements, final drive, etc, I'm hoping they cover at least some of this problem on bmw's dime.

Runs great otherwise.
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