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After I washed my bike (just with a bucket, not a hose), the battery went flat overnight. After I charged the battery again (off the bike) and re-connected the battery, the ZFE started to smoke, so I disconnected the battery and got the bike back to the dealer. Apparently, both the ZFE and wiring loom are now burnt out (7,000 miles, one year old bike).

I've seen on the bmwk1200s forum that someone else has had the same problem in the UK. I've asked on that forum for info on that problem. Thought I'd ask here too, as I don't know how many people only use one of the forums!

I'm trying to find out if anyone else knows of this happening on other K1200s. The more information I have, the easier it should be to get it fixed under warranty, so any help would be great. The dealer is not sure what BMWs view on this as a warranty claim will be, though as far as I'm concerned, it is definitely a warrantee claim.

Thanks, Steve
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